• The meaning of garbage classification

    1. Reduce land occupation.

    Some materials in domestic waste are not easily degraded, such as waste batteries and waste plastics, which have caused serious erosion of the land. Garbage sorting removes recyclable and non-degradable substances, reducing the amount of garbage by more than 60%.

    2. Reduce corporate pollution. Most of our country’s garbage is processed in the way of Chinese sanitary landfill or even simple landfill, occupying tens of thousands of mu of land; in addition, insects and flies fly indiscriminately,compostable cutlery sewage overflows, and the smell is odorous, seriously affecting the pollution control environment.

    3. Garbage classification can effectively save primitive resources, improve environmental quality, promote green development, and lead green life. Separate useful materials, such as paper, plastics, rubber, glass, bottles and cans, metals, and waste household appliances from garbage, to recycle and reuse them, and turn waste into treasure through sorted placement and sorted collection.

    When disposing of this kind of garbage, you can follow the following four points: 1. paper should be stacked as neatly as possible to avoid crumpling, and cardboard should also be opened and stacked. 2. putting 4102 bottles and cans 1653 should use up or empty out the products in the container as much as possible, and put it out after cleaning up.

    3. Glass products should be placed carefully so as not to be cut and damaged. It is best to be bagged or dropped after using a container. 4. After the fabrics are packaged neatly, they should be put to the designated collection point regularly.

    When putting perishable garbage, drain the water, put it in a special garbage bag, and tie the mouth of the bag tightly. perishable trash bins should be covered to avoid polluting the surrounding environment.

    The benefits, significance, and importance of garbage sorting!

    1. (1) At present, landfill is the simplest and most convenient way of disposal, but it is extremely unfavorable for future development.

    The landfill can no longer be used as a living area. If land resources are turned into garbage for disposal, then it is tantamount to chronic suicide, and the cost of land remediation in the future will be very expensive.

    2. Reduce environmental pollution, treat garbage by landfill or stacking, even if the garbage is buried far away from the living place, and the corresponding isolation technology is adopted, it is difficult to prevent the penetration of harmful substances, which will enter with the circulation of the earth In the entire ecosystem, pollution of water sources and land, through plants or animals, will eventually affect people's health. 3. Utilization of renewable resources. Before garbage disposal, through garbage sorting and recycling, garbage can be turned into treasure. For example, recycling paper can protect forests and reduce the waste of forest resources; recycling biological garbage such as peels and vegetables can be used as green Fertilizer makes the land more fertile.

    4. Garbage classification is the best solution and best way to deal with garbage pollution. Garbage classification has become an inevitable path for the development of a country.

    Garbage classification can make people learn to save and use resources, develop good living habits, and improve the final quality. 5. A person can develop a good habit of garbage sorting, then he will also pay attention to the protection and management of social environmental information, pay attention to the preciousness of resources in life, and develop the habit of saving human resources.

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